Bumps & Balrogs

Leather jacket + burgundy pleated skirt // We So Thrifty

Leather jacket + burgundy pleated skirt // We So Thrifty

Leather jacket + burgundy pleated skirt // We So Thrifty

Leather jacket + burgundy pleated skirt // We So Thrifty

Leather jacket + burgundy pleated skirt // We So Thrifty

Hello friends!

One of the advantages to being a very lazy blogger is that, since I update so infrequently, I don’t have to generate any kind of original idea – I can just give all of you the ol’ family-reunion style speech on what’s new. If you’re my family – too bad. Maybe you’ll get some new material when you see me in person this weekend over turkey and more turkey (it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, you yankees).

Obviously, things have grown since my last post. Chief amoung them? The bump. It’s at that strange stage where you can’t really get a handle on how big it is, because depending on the angle, I can look anywhere from 5 to 9.5 months preggo. The first photo in this post? Hardly-bump! The last photo in this post? Holy-bump! (Since I get to see the the full picture in the comfort of my own home, I assure you “holy-bump!” is now the more accurate descriptor.)

Again, though – I’ve been really incredibly blessed in how my pregnancy has progressed so far. Compared to what I know is the norm for so many women, it’s been a breeze (and I just heard a story about a woman giving birth at 26 weeks after emergency appendectomy, so am not taking any of it for granted). Sure, I’m now the World’s Worst Walking Companion (because I have to pee every 20 minutes), and I had to end my relationship with nylons (I never liked them anyway), but things are moving along swimmingly. Literally – this little babe is definitely doing some crazy butterfly stroke in my uterus. It’s adorable.

I also definitely thought that, being nearly 6 months into my pregnancy, I would have had to purchase or thrift a lot more new clothing. Not so! I bought two stretchy maternity long sleeve tops and a pair of maternity jeans, and that’s the only preg-specific clothing I’ve accrued so far. As for everything else, I’m getting everything I can out of my current closet. I was never one for a Herve-Leger-style body-con dress, so I’ve found it pretty easy to work with what I’ve got – especially since it turns out I don’t actually know everything I’ve got. I just found this pleated skirt in the Mines of Moria, ie: my disastrous closet, after some intensive cleaning and organizing. I bought this skirt from the Salvation Army at least 4 years ago, maybe 5, and had completely forgotten about it for years. Just shows what you can find if you’re willing to dig deep! It might me a Balrog, or it might be a pretty pleated skirt. Both have their perks.

And perhaps that’s where I’ll end it today, because, honestly? I have to pee. Happy thanksgiving!


Jacket: Talize | $12
Necklace: Salvation Army | $3
Bag: Talize | $9
Skirt: Salvation Army | I don’t recall the price because who knows what kind of ancient currency we were using five years ago?


Photos by Yen!

10 thoughts on “Bumps & Balrogs

  1. You look great, Julie! Absolutely lovely. Red pleats may trump Balrogs, though. I don’t think I could take the heartbreak of losing my favourite blogger to the throes of Middle Earthian mythology.

  2. I love the fact that you’re able to wear so many of your existing wardrobe items during your pregnancy. That’s awesome. You look gorgeous, by the way. :)

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