Baby Baby

Cotton dress // We So Thrifty

Cotton dress // We So Thrifty

Cotton dress // We So Thrifty

Bump-friendly cotton dress // We So Thrifty

There it is!

Here you guys were thinking “Oh look! There’s Julie being pretentious and perhaps taking a pee in some rose bushes” and then BLAMO – baby bump hits you in the face.

I actually tried to publish this post using the first three photos only, but then this WordPress pop-up came up:

Looks like you’re trying to publish a pregnancy announcement. Under the Official Blogger Code of Conduct, sector 673F, we cannot publish this post without at least one bump shot, ultrasound pic, or photo of your cat expressing her delight at being a “big sister.” Additionally, please make your opinions on home birth vs. hospital birth known immediately, in a sufficiently smug manner. Thank you.

So weird.

Anyways, I relented, and now the whole internet knows that Matt and I are, Lord willing, welcoming a tiny fella or lady this January! In the interest of keeping this short and sweet, I’ll just say that we’re really happy, I’ve been feeling fantastic, and it’s incredibly liberating to try on a dress like this one, then say “this dress makes it look like I’ve been slamming back burritos for every meal – I’ll take it!”.

I’ll also add that the comments coming in on Facebook and Instagram have felt like a continuous parade of warm hugs (but even better because you don’t have to actually hug anyone!), and I’ve never been so thankful for my wonderful family, supportive friends, and overall kick-ass community. This baby is already loved by so many. That’s pretty incredible.

(One last sidebar: Narrowing down the song to title this post was tricky. I landed on Amy Grant because look at her over-sized patchwork blazer. It’s spectacular.)

Dress: Kimberly’s Deja Vu Boutique | $32

31 thoughts on “Baby Baby

  1. Congrats Julie! I am so happy and excited for you and your family. P.S. I have already given the stink eye to your unborn child who will wear the cutest vintage things and have special powers over your cats.

    1. Omigosh I just imagined a tiny-linda-baby giving tiny-baby-stink-eye. Cutest ever. And thank you for implanted the idea that my cat and kid will be able to communicate telepathically – I will hold to that as a fact!

    1. Thank you! The dress felt so…sweet to wear. Not my usual style, but certainly appropriate for a day of frolicking in the rose bushes! And plenty of room in their for the bump to grow!

    1. Thanks so much Jess! I may have to look back through your archives and see what I’m really in for ;)

    1. Paige! Is it weird if I tell you I want a tiny adorable ginger like yours? Yes, it is, but I’m doing it anyway. My husband is of the red-haired persuasion, so we’ve got a chance. Thank you!

  2. You make me laugh, I love your sense of humour and how relaxed you are. Can’t wait to meet the little guy or the little lady. Give a hug to Matt for me as he must be over the moon.

    1. Thanks Aunt Betty! Hopefully my relaxed state carries all way into the delivery room! (doubtful ;))

  3. Can I just say, sincerely, THANK YOU for the joking about the smugness, the hospital/home birth prattling-on, the too-much-information posts, and the otherwise nauseating ways people boast about being pregnant?! :D

    I can HONESTLY say that I’m very happy for you, because I think you have entirely the right spirit behind this, and that baby is going to be loved for who it is and not what it can do for you!!! :)

    You’ve actually helped me warm up to the idea of having children, believe it or not! Seriously – I can’t tell you how many people I admire who have recently and suddenly become scary, crazy weirdos the second they missed a period! I spend the whole time thinking, “Oh no – that poor infant is going to be put into all sorts of humiliating posed-with-strange-props-and-costumes professional photos! And WORSE – I’m going to inadvertently have to read/hear about all sorts of AWFUL pregnancy, birth, and baby facts of life that are only going to disgust, discourage and frighten me!” :)

    (Can you tell I’m currently having a “Do I or Don’t I?” crisis? :D)

    Thanks for your cool blog, your COOL PERSONALITY, and honestly – I wish more moms and moms-to-be could be as grounded but genuinely loving as you appear to be!

    Also the burrito comment was the best. XD And the Amy Grant reference – so awesome!

    *Un-intrusive digital hug* from someone who also prefers non-corporeal embraces! ;)

    1. Ahh I feel bad for not responding to this comment sooner! Can I just begin by saying “I feel ya, girl”? I had so much hesitancy around pregnancy for so long simply because of the smug mommy culture that seemed to be in every corner of the internet. I think I finally had moment when I realized “I DON’T HAVE TO BECOME A CRAZY ROBO-MOM! MY KID WILL BE AWESOME AND I DON’T NEED TO DO NEKKID MATERNITY SHOOTS!” I’m so thankful for the few bloggers I read that still maintained their sense of self, and didn’t go too far down the rabbit hole, so I’m extra grateful that I’ve *so far* managed to do the same for you. Please keep me accountable if I fall off the (tiny, strictly-for-photo-shoots, prop) wagon, ok?

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