New Jackets, Old Blogs

Earlier this summer, I lost my favourite denim jacket. That was a painful loss, man. I cannot stress the importance of a sweet denim jacket in one’s closet. And this particular jacket was a real winner: Parasuco, scored at Goodwill in the USA for a measly 5$, worn to work, school, and sleep (okay, not sleep, but I did wear it here and here). I was half-tempted to spend my summer in mourning, untagging all my Facebook pictures with it because it’s too painful, then eating a small container of ice cream because that’s what TV has taught me to do.

Anyways, upon the realization that my ol’ buddy was never coming back in an epic Homeward-Bound-esque montage, I eventually found the strength to move on with a new love: this thrifted H&M jacket, worn today with a new thrifted dress (in purple! hooray!). Since this is the first time I’m wearing my new jacket on the blog, I intended to publish a posthumous tribute to it’s predecessor. Y’know, talking about all the things I miss about my old jacket, and all the things I like about my new one. Thrifting circle of life, yadda yadda yadda. Well, I started to work on the tribute, and even pulled a few photos together, when I was suddenly struck with a wicked case of deja-vu:

…I’ve done this before.

Not about my jean jacket, per say. But I had written a very similar ode to a jacket, long before I started up this blog.

You see, in the days prior to WordPress’ and Blogger’s dominion over the blogging universe, I had a LiveJournal, and when all my friends on MSN went to sleep, I wrote in it. I had a hazy recollection of writing about a jacket years ago. So, I returned to that ol’ LiveJournal that I had since totally forgotten about, and did some digging for that post. That’s where things get fun. I found the entry alright, only to realize I’m EXACTLY THE SAME AS I WAS SIX YEARS AGO. Except I don’t shop at Old Navy anymore. How funny is that?! It seems as though I was destined to be a blogger, forever fated to personify my favourite items of clothing with proper pronouns. I still have that jacket too!

I seriously debated sharing that actual link with you. Because if you’re as creepy as I am (which I know you are) you’ll spend some time clicking around that old LiveJournal to confirm your suspicions that I am big loser. In fact, I actually tried to log into that old Livejournal account to delete the embarrassing stuff, but guess what? I can’t. I don’t remember my password or the email I used to create it, and after trying a million times, I just gave up. (Today’s lesson: The Internet is forever.)

Needless to say, I found my old blog endlessly more entertaining that a few pictures of my old jean jacket. I spent so much time trying to prove that “I’m soooo snarky and have suuuuch good taste” – it’s hilarious! So, instead of a tribute to my jacket, how about a tribute to my old blog? I’ll even do you a courtesy by sparring you the effort it would take to scroll through pages of drivel, and just point out some of the goodies:

First off, I love that this LiveJournal is like a time capsule of technological developments for 2005 and 2006. Look how excited I am to get a Dell laptop! And here’s where I discover bit torrents! (In case the Government is reading: I don’t download music illegally any more). Oh, this one is a gem, because I call MySpace a successful blockbuster movie. Ah, to live in a B.Z. world again (B.Z. = Before Zuckerberg).

It’s also a time capsule of my pop cultural tastes (and distastes) in the late 2000s. Here’s where I cryptically predict the demise of The OC and Mischa Barton’s career. You’ll notice on that same day, I posted a link to a fanvid about Jim and Pam and their budding romance on the Office (NBC has since blocked that video for copyright violations, so in case the Government is reading: I don’t make fanvids anymore). My greatest discovery, though, is that Kanye West is STEALING LYRICS FROM ME: Read the second last line of this post.

Honestly, you’re more than welcome to click through that journal if you want to. Of course now it all seems a little silly, and a lot dated, but that’s okay. I’ve got nothing to hide. It represents a small little slice of who I was and – as that jacket entry has proven – who I am. Heck, I know all my musings on this blog will some day seem archaic.

While our preferences and references will age and expire, I can take comfort in one thing: The knowledge that a good jean jacket will age a lot better than any blog, provided you don’t lose it.

38 thoughts on “New Jackets, Old Blogs

  1. 1) SO SAD to lose a parasuco denim jacket. I’ll mourn for you (I was wanting some ice cream anyways… :P )

    2)OH my goodness! You had me laughing as I read through the entries you linked to! Especially the one about the O.C.. My sister and I would watch it as our guilty pleasure, and we would say “If they have Seth hook up with Alex” or “If they kill Caleb”…”that’d be so dumb that we will stop watching”. Fortunately for them, we didn’t, because when it all comes down to it, guilty pleasures are usually that for a reason: they aren’t good enough to admit to watching :P

    3) I just love your blog(s). Your writing style is so engaging, and your outfits are always enviable!

    Best wishes!

    1. You know something awful? I still do that with Gossip Girl. It’s actually the WORST SHOW EVER. And I still watch it. Shameful! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog :D

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I thrifted a blazer over Spring Break from the 60’s and if I lost it; I would seriously be in mourning. Seriously, I would probably have a wake.

    I love that you can still see your old blog. I found my Xanga from freshman year of high school, which is now about six years ago (holy crap; typing that made me feel mega old) and it is SO funny to read. I typed in the short computer style of typing and I was all about “finding love” and crazy stuff like that. I love to laugh at my 15 year old self.

    Also, this dress is completely and utterly fabulous!


    1. Xangas! Haha too funny. If you start looking through my LJ, I definitely dance around the “looking for love” business, in my “I’m soooo cool and don’t really care but totally do” way.

  3. I love the colors in this outfit, especially the purple dress with the pink bag. So cute!

    -Mary @

  4. First of all I agree about having a denim jacket! It goes with everything, and just makes you feel like you are back in the good ‘ole 90’s! Love the dress colour, and I loved reading snippets from your old blog. It’s funny that your style is the same but has evolved with technology. So fun.

  5. Old blogs are the BEST! I jumped from Blogger in 2003 to LiveJournal in 2004, got a MySpace (“Come on, Chelle, everybody’s doing it!”), ditched that for Facebook, had a brief stint at WordPress in 2010, and now I’m back to Blogger. I shudder to think of reading some of those old musings. I’m pretty sure that I once had a “Word of the Day” feature and displayed my iron grasp of the English language through extensive use of the words “w00t” and “anywho.”

  6. Ah so sorry about your jean jacket, but I’m happy you’ve found a replacement. This post makes me so nostalgic. Homeward Bound! MSN! LiveJournal!

  7. Your blog is seriously my absolute favorite to read. Your posts are always so damn witty! Plus, I love pretty much everything you wear which is why I started reading in the first place. You sucked me in with your cute thrifted clothes and now I’m totally addicted to your writing too. Keep entertaining and showing off your sweet style.

    1. That’s so sweet Ani! Every time I set out to write a new post, I’m like “and this time I won’t write so darn much” and then the word count just gets higher and higher, and I cannot be stopped.

  8. I think a denim jacket like this is an absolute summer must-have. I like teaming mine with little summer dresses, they look nice and make a nice little cover-up for when the evenings turn a little chilly.

  9. well don’t you look gorgeous in these photos! dayum girl. i don’t have an old blog to look back on. but i do have all of my old journals. you know, tattered pages with ridiculously angsty song lyrics written on them in permanent marker that were definitely based on my life. and stickers. stickers on them that for sure meant i was cool and way more bad ass than the other girls with journals. o. and i can’t leave out the one that i completely wrapped in black tape. if that isn’t true angsty bad ass, i don’t know what is.

    1. I *almost* scanned in a few pages of my – get this – Babysitter’s Club journal, which I then taped over with pictures of the White Power Ranger, which I then taped over with the Backstreet Boys, which is then scribbled over ’cause I got too cool for BSB. But there just wasn’t time for all that embarrassment. Another time though, I’ve reveal it all.

  10. Not only do I, too, have a LJ, I am an early adopter! The guy who created Livejournal and I attended the same university and ran in the same circle of friends. I was a pretty heavy user until 2009 when I started using Blogger. Even these days, I’m a little tapped out on blogging, but still write a bit here and there.

  11. I feel your pain: my mother once stole the denim jacket I had since University, a thrifted Wrangler classic, and did away with it so grossed out by it was she. True, I could have washed it more, but those were the grunge days! That was in! Now, I have a very fitted black velvet blazer that is just perfect for every outfit occasion in the winter, that is falling apart after ten years of regular wear. I am thinking I might get a seamstress to make me a ‘just in case’ copy, because science has not yet figured out how to clone really great jackets. Serious sad face.

    1. You’re on to something with that “just in case” idea! Seriously though, science has some work to do. I should just be able to print my clothing by now, right?

      1. God, wouldn’t that be something! I think we’d all end up like the freaks from Capitol in Hunger Games though, wearing just crazy stuff and dying our skin. Perhaps that’s where we’re headed!

  12. Ugh same thing happened to me with a fantastic pair of 7 for all mankind jeans that I scored at a GW. They were THE jeans. Sisterhood of the traveling pants status. My mom tossed them, having noooooo idea how attached to them I was, haha I was devastated! Glad you found a replacement :)

  13. Sorry about your loss, but you found the perfect replacement. I enjoyed your LJ post- especially your musings on bangs :)

  14. That’s such a bummer about losing your jacket! I lost one of my most favorite sweaters a few years ago at a concert (it was actually stolen off my seat!!) I still miss it! Some things are just irreplaceable. But at least the new one is really cute and didn’t cost you an arm and a leg :)

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