Contest Update – Win A Portrait!

Happy Monday you kings and vagabonds! I’m posting a friendly reminder about my on-going contest to win a custom portrait for your blog, (or anywhere else, really). As a further further kick in the pants to get your entry in, here are a few quick sample portraits from Laura:

My husband makes his first appearance on the blog! Granted, it’s in storybook-sketch form, but it still counts. Remember that outfit I’m wearing?

I’d say we all look pretty darn cute as watercoloured characters. If you’d like to win your own portrait, the rules are simple:

1) Tell me about your best thrifted find in 200 words or less. Where did you find it? Why do you love it? What did it cost you?

2) Attach a picture of yourself in that find.

3) Email all of it to

4) I’ll choose my favourite entry, and you’ll win a custom sketch by Laura based on your photo! You’ll get the high-resolution file to use as you please.

5) Submit your entry before June 11, 2012!

I’ve already received some great entries, but I want more! MORE! Spam my inbox with so much thrifty goodness I have to get a forklift to sift through it. That’s a mixed metaphor but I’m OK with it.

Here are a few more favourites from Laura to close out the entry.

Can’t wait to see more from you all of you!

8 thoughts on “Contest Update – Win A Portrait!

  1. I will definitely enter..I’m just finding the right moment to take a picture of myself with the item!! These pictures are really stunning and totally my style…and heck, I need a new logo-esque thing for my blog!

  2. Aw, those are *so* cute, now I’m sad I don’t thrift, I reallywannaportrait (cue whiney two year old voice) – I do have a photo of me at fifteen wearing my Aunt’s get-up from the seventies but i’m guessing a) that doesn’t count since I didn’t thrift it, technically and b) you have to look good which at fifteen was questionable :-) P.S. Did I mention that I blogrolled you?

  3. What a cool contest…love the artwork. Sadly, my “best” thrift finds ever I no longer own. But I had found a Hermes silk 90cm scarf and a Ferragamo silk scarf at a consignment store for $6.00 each a few years ago. I have since sold them…for $100 and $60 respectively–still good deals, truth be told.

  4. I just really wish I thrifted something really magical. Like a Betsey Johnson dress. Or even a dress at all. All I have ever thrifted is a jean jacket and some oxford heels. I need to step up my game.

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