In My Suitcase


Alright, that’s out of my system now. But it’s true, as of 3:30 this afternoon, I’ll sail  into the sunset, leaving the cares of office life behind me. No 9-5 day job, no 5-9 freelance; just flip-flops and cervezas. As a fitting farewell post, here’s a little sneak peak inside my suitcase. I’ve been gathering up quite a collection of thrifted goodies ideal for for sand and sun (chief among them, this dress). Here are some more of my vacation finds:

First up: Maxi dresses! I picked up this coral maxi dress from Talize a few weeks ago. It’s SO LONG. It goes right to my toes, which is a rare find for a tall chick like myself. Love all those embellishments, too.

I’m also packing this light, fun maxi dress my mom picked up for me last year. It’s such a summery, tropical print.

I had unprecedented amount of luck in thrifting shorts this year. I found a pair of still-tagged Gap khaki shorts, but the real find are these fantastic high-waisted sailor shorts. So retro!

Another mom-find that made its way into my suitcase is this turquoise crochet top. Mom bought it along with a matching skirt. It’s vintage, an amazing colour, and a little dowdy right now, so I plan to cut out the lining and wear it with some jean shorts.

I read one too many head scarf tutorials lately, so I’ll be jumping on that bandwagon with lovely vintage scarves like this one!

Another favourite is this slouchy leather backpack I received as a birthday present a few years ago. Mom found it at the Salvation Army and knew I’d love it. As usual, she was right.

Last, but certainly not least, SHOES. These Blowfish gladiator sandals came into my life last summer at a steal of a deal ($4.99). Snake skin! Buckles! Hurray!

The weather back at home has been incredible, so I encourage those of you that are staying local for St. Patrick’s Day to wear in your sandals and sundresses too. Summer is here, and it’s not even Spring yet. Take advantage!

You know, I really don’t have anything else to say. So, I’ll leave it at that. Adios, amigos!

10 thoughts on “In My Suitcase

  1. Do you have trouble finding shorts that are long enough to be considered “appropriate” when you’re so tall? I find I generally have to get longer inseams (like, 7″ rather than 5- or 3-inch) to feel like my butt is sufficiently covered!

  2. Have Fun! I can’t believe you have found such great summery pieces in the ‘off season’. I find that people tend to go through their summer stuff in the spring. Can’t wait to see how you pull these lovely pieces together!

  3. Not sure if it’s my computer, but the background of your post is light black and the typeface is dark gray. I can barely read it. Otherwise, have fun!

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