Eat your heart out, Don Draper!


Christmas is almost here! Gah, I can hardly stand the wait – nog, carols, presents and my nieces in adorable Christmas attire (I’m just assuming). With only a few days to go before Santa comes to town, its time for one more Christmas post – exploding with vintage-holiday glam!

A few weeks ago, two of my gal-pals were over the moon about their newly-aquired vintage finds. These two style mavens made a trip to Downtown Dundas, and discovered Andrian’s Armoire – a consignment shop with vintage finds all hand-picked by the owner. Now, consignment shops can be scary territory for thrifters like me – what price tag are are we looking at here? Can I still call it a steal? My friends assured me that all clothing was reasonably priced with a variety of vintage finds and quality brands, which means I’m headed there ASAP. Kristin picked up an incredible gold 60s cocktail dress that fit her like it was MADE for her, and Sandra got herself one of the more fabulous coats I’ve ever seen – a furlined hood, New York-made, amazing! So, we did what any normal girl would do – schedule a photoshoot!

glam shoot_nuts

I called on my two sisters to round out our crew of Mad Women. Adele wore a thrifted bright orange shift-dress I picked up on Queen Street in Toronto four years ago (and no longer fit). And Laura wore a mid-calve white beaded number I’ve been hoarding, right out of Betty Draper’s closet. (I’m going to do another post on that find, its got some interesting history.)

I took a break from standing behind the camera for a few photos aswell, in my favourite polka-dot dress. All in all, it was a fantastically fun time. It also spoke to the pure quality you can aim for when shopping second hand – thrifting doesn’t mean cheaply made! All our looks were beautifully crafted pieces from bygone fashion periods. And, at the risk of sounding like an old bitty – they don’t make ’em like they used to!

glam shoot_outside

Note the added details – what fascintor! Kristin thrifted the above hat for her “Mustaches & Hats” birthday party last summer, and was delighted to have a reason to wear it again. It’s from from Weird Stuff – Antiques, Collectables & Nostalgia in Hamilton. Kudos to her for not being scared off by the website. It’s weird!

glam shoot_orange

What bunch of stunners. Merry Christmas all!

123 thoughts on “Eat your heart out, Don Draper!

  1. AHHH! I LOVE this post!! I have to say, you really made me laugh when I read: “So, we did what any normal girl would do – schedule a photoshoot!”

    Amazing! And Merry Christmas!! :D

  2. I should mention that I picked up that hat at “Weird Stuff – Antique – Collectables” store on King Street in Hamilton. I added the feathers but the rest is all vintage!

  3. I looked at the title, read the first word ignored the rest and clicked anticipated pictures of mouth watering dishes. Scrolled through the blog. Did I click the correct link? Scrolled back to the title and the aaha moment.
    Anticipated mouthwatering, achieved eye glittering, not a bad trade.
    Congratulation on being freshly pressed!
    You need a first class sight to scrap second hand items. Great pictures too. Complements to the clicker too.

  4. Ladies, you all look absolutely amazing! Wonderful style choices – you are all brilliantly dressed for your body-shapes, and have chosen colours that really enhance your features! Love how each of your looks shows the 5 distinct personal styles – how individual each one of you is!

    Also – really gorgeous hairstyles and accessories, love your style girls!!!

    Stay stylish :)

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  5. These pictures are wonderful. It is hard to beat the feeling of walking out of a thrift store with fabulous finds like the ones I see here!

  6. Amazing, I personally like those “looks”. And You girls , like the added touches of posses ;) . But I have to admit, I came to this website thinking it was about food – but I enjoyed the post. Have a good one.

    1. Thanks! I used to get the Kristen Dunst thing a lot more as a teenager. I still like hearing though – she’s lovely! As for the photos, I’m using a Canon t1i, which I love. For the vintage effect, I do a tonne of editing in Photoshop – using pretty much any trick in the book.

  7. I LOVE Kristen’s hat. Don’t you wish hats were in fashion again? My favorite fashion era — the forties. What glamour, what style, what cut waistlines! Fabulous :)

  8. Stylish Canadian women — score!!!! Great post, lots of fun and some fab looks.

    I grew up in Toronto and am always amazed what great stuff I can score when I go back. One of my best pieces was found where I live now, (NY) in an East Village shop — a black mohair hat with bugle beads. Totally Myrna Loy…Vintage (worn well) has so much more style.

  9. Wonderful photos. And a beautiful post. I have always told ladies the same thing but very few of them ever listened. Now that your post is on freshly pressed lets see how many of them listens.

  10. I’m a huge fan of thrift shops [we call them op shops in Australia], and I’ve found some amazing things in Eastern European second hand stores. The only problem is that I can’t buy anything as I’m backpacking, and carrying amazing clothes that are impractical is just not possible. Love the photos, beautiful vintage styling.

  11. for our christmas party (with old highschool friends), we decided to wear modern interpretation of disney cartoons, but your idea is really much better! i shall tell my friends that we should revisit more mature themes too :D

  12. I love Mad Men and the glamorous 1960’s style:) you guys look awesome!! Joan Holloway and betty draper ain’t got nothin on you:) loved this post!

  13. I graduated with a degree in fashion design and I agree that clothes were made so much better back then. My whole family & I shop for clothes at thrift stores all the time..we hate the malls. Great post and Merry Christmas :)

  14. Love your photo shoot! looks like so much fun you had.
    Though not thrift a lot of sewing magazines have had issues with specials on these styles. I made my christmas dress from an 50’s revival issue (1959 style).
    I like a lot of the styles,more feminine and less flesh. Even my mum commented: “I used to have a dress like that when young. Looks better on you”

  15. Beautiful ladies, love the dresses, really like that polka dot one! So cute, I found a red one with smaller dots at Goodwill for 6 dollars, it’s really retro, I get more compliments when I wear that dress than anything. They don’t make them like they used to the classics never die.

  16. Beautiful outfits! No, you don’t sound old for saying “they don’t make ’em like the used to”. I worked at a thrift store over the summer and thought the same thing many times! Also, it appears that back then there was something in between floor lenth and ultra short when it came to formal and semi-formal dresses. Not so much anymore!

  17. love it! my daughter (13) has been wanting to try out our local thrift stores. she’s coming into her own little style and is looking to venture out. thanks for inspiring me to go for it with her!

  18. Gorgeous photos! You all found some great pieces. I’ll definitely have to check out some consignment shops. This looks like an awesome girls day/night out idea.

  19. The outfits and the photo’s are great! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find clothes like that at triftshops. Hope you had a good Christmas!

    btw.. your last name (Huizen) is the name of the city I live in :)

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