Frame-worthy Photos

Over the summer, I discovered a most-magical website. It’s called Pinterest. Basically, it’s an online cataloguing website for all things creative – art, design, photography, fashion, home decor, and beyond. Lately, I’ve been using it to compile inspiration for my recent foray into wedding and engagement photography. One trend I immediately wanted to try was the use of old frames as props in photoshoots. They add a lovely and quirky touch to any pic, whether you’re shooting, babies, couples, or the recently-wed.

So cute, right? Images from here, here, and here.

That said, My love affair with old mirrors and frames is nothing new. I digitally referenced them in the design of my table seating chart for my 2009 wedding, and my thrifty Momma also used them masterfully to decorate a wall of her bedroom just last year.

I wanted a frame to keep in my “props” pile to pull out for future photo sessions. Rather than run around looking for such a frame, I just added it to the list of sought-after-items in my head, and kept my eyes open. Then, a few weeks ago, our church held a fundraising garage sale and I picked up a sweet old mirror for 2 bucks. I unscrewed the back, popped out the mirror, and voila! An adorable e-session prop is born!

I took this pretty little prop to an egagement session last month, and I’m pleased as punch with the results. Thanks to Jay and Maria for being such willing subjects!

Oh, the happy couple also came with their own thrifty collection of props. They brought along a sweet picnic set from good ol’ Valu Village. Here they are, gettin’ all cozy on the blanket.

So there you have it. Thrifting not only enhances my wallet and my closet, but it’s enhancing my work, too.

PS – Head on over to jubileecreative for more of my photography and design (maybe I should reference this as a SP rather than a PS, as it is a Shameless Plug).

7 thoughts on “Frame-worthy Photos

  1. Funny I should come across this entry of yours this morning. About a year and a half ago, a friend was having a garage sale. I went over to her place to help her out and to sell some of my no-longe-needed things. She had a pretty frame, made in Italy, that was not to her liking. I added a picture page from a magazine to help get it sold. It was still there at the end of the day.

    My friend told me I could take it. It has sat on a shelf since then. Last night I took it and hung it on the wall. It still has the page from the magazine I put in it at the sale. It’s a decorative, oval-shaped frame. I still love the frame. It would be perfect with a vintage photo, or as a mirror.

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